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Right Start Daycare was established in 2015 as an additional childcare service provider through Kids in Charge. Kids in Charge run an established network of Ofsted Outstanding Breakfast, Afterschool and Holiday Clubs in Redbridge and Waltham Forest. We have over 13 years of experience in the childcare industry with sought-after settings based in Ilford and Newbury Park.

We also offer holiday clubs for children age between 3 -12 years fun packed with holiday activities to provide extracurricular activities for your child to experience whilst developing their social skills.

Our nurseries are developed to facilitate learning whilst also nurturing your child’s individual needs.

The nurseries have light indoor spaces for children to independently explore, we use natural resources to develop the child’s understanding of the world around them as well as develop their creativity and imagination. 

Activities are prepared each day to meet the interests of your child as well as challenge them developmentally, our focus is learning through play so whilst your child believes they are ‘just playing’ our staff are at hand to scaffold their learning to the next level. 

Through experience we know that children learn best when given freedom to explore so we carefully plan our outdoor spaces to inspire the child’s curiosity for the natural world around them, opportunities for bug hunts, growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables, exploring sand and water, digging, and building dens is complimented with large scale creative opportunities as well as physical challenges using bikes and scooters, skipping ropes and hoops. We take children out regularly to visit the shops, park, animal Centre, or any other places of interest that compliments the children’s interests. 



We give babies a head start with their communication, through the use of Makaton. Babies are able to express their needs using simple gestures, this empowers the child to have a voice before verbal communication has developed. We have seen fewer conflicts between children, an increase in child wellbeing and an improvement in adult child relationships. We provide Makaton training to our parents and encourage all parents to support our approach to using Makaton when communicating with their babies.  Want to learn about Makaton? Click here to learn more!


We believe in promoting independence in children. By becoming independent, children begin to feel a sense of importance as they begin to contribute to the environment around them. Whilst at nursery the children will assist with serving their own meals and drinks, join in with tidy up time and engage in learning through risk taking and challenge to develop the child’s sense of self and provide them with a feeling of success as they develop their hand eye coordination through dressing, toileting and eventually being able to identify and write their own name.


We support children’s understanding of the world around them through ‘always having something growing’ in nursery, this could be plants, fruit and vegetables, butterflies, tadpoles, hatching chicks and other living creatures.  Through this the children begin to learn about growth and decay,  and life cycles from an early age. The children develop an understanding that they need to be gentle and care for the living objects, feed them and consider their needs in order to help them grow. 


We work alongside you to give your child the best start. We want our parents and carers to be at ease knowing their child is safe and happy at our nursery once the settling in sessions have finished. (please see Joining Us for more information)


We provide children with the opportunity to play outside in all weathers, each season of the year provides a different learning experience. We recognise that some children may not want to play outside and will respect the individual wishes of the children, however for those children who are active learners and enjoy being able to explore nature and the world around them. we grow fruit and vegetables, offer opportunities to build dens, play on physical equipment, explore sand, mud and bark for sensory and mark making opportunities, have bug hunts, mud kitchens, small world and building games as well as take the children out on trips to explore their local environment.

All children make good progress and learn to be independent. Funded children benefit from the sessions attended. They develop key skills needed for their future learning.

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