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We aim to provide children with excellent care and learning, in our welcoming clean safe environment. Our staff are committed, motivated and well trained and we offer longer and flexible hours for parents and carers needing extra care and support! Together we learn and provide a RIGHT START for every child. We help families transition into nursery with our settling in period that helps children and parents to ease into the nursery environment. 

Settling in and the key person role 

Our settling in period takes into consideration that all children are unique and will settle at their own pace, to support this we arrange three settling in sessions for you and your child to spend time in the nursery,  getting to know your new key person who is your main point of contact in the nursery. the settling in sessions are free of charge, if needed we can offer additional sessions if your child needs some extra time to settle before being at nursery without you. 

The first settling in session is for one hour and is an opportunity to ensure we have all the information about your child and family to be able to effectively meet your child’s needs. 

The second session is for 1.5 hours and is an opportunity for you to tell us any developmental milestones that your child has already met- at this point the key person will discuss next steps of development with you. 

The third session is for 2 hours – you will initially come into the room with your child and then, once settled and engaging in play you leave the room but remain close by in case you are needed for comfort. 

The Famly app is used to keep in touch with you throughout the day, if your child has a nappy change, sleep, accident or goes out of the nursery you will be notified through the app. Through direct messenger you can inform the room if your child is unwell, being collected by a relative or even post your own special moments to share with the key person. 

The key person will send you a learning story every six weeks to celebrate key moments of learning as well as send a developmental summary every three months. You will also receive daily updates so that you know what activities have been taking place in the nursery that day. 

We will meet with you each term to discuss your child’s development and support you with Independence in key areas of potty training, feeding, and communication as well as physical and emotional development. 

 Each of the key developmental stages has a designated room:

Mini explorers (Baby room 0-2yrs) – with a ratio of 3 children to 1 adult.

Adventurers ( Toddler room 2-3yrs) – with a ratio of 4 children to 1 adult.

Investigators (Preschooler room 4-5) – with a ratio of 8 children to 1 adult.

Our warm and friendly uniformed team are fully qualified, DBS checked and experienced practitioners, with a Special Educational Needs Coordinator” (SENCO) in each setting.

The key person system is well established and staff have a good understanding of the individual children's needs and interests.

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