Welcome to Rightstart Day Nursery Wanstead

Our intimate nursery in Wanstead is located in Wantstead Youth Centre. Due to the layout of the building our staff team act as one, forming close bonds with all children who attend. 

We have an airy room for the babies with an adjoining room for the toddler and preschool children. 

A sports hall is accessible through the preschool room where children can have space to take part in dance, Yoga, physical activities and group games. 

The nursery is situated next to the beautiful Roding Valley Park which has a forest area, a river to feed the ducks, fields where the children venture to feed the horses and also a nature reserve with an orchard and a pond for dipping. 

The children can climb trees and explore the woodlands, becoming more familiar with wildlife that resides there. 

Once the children can venture a little further, they visit the shops to buy food to cook and eat as well as post letters at the post office and visit the bakery! 

The nursery has access to a garden with sand play opportunities, water features, a mud kitchen, digging beds and a growing area. 

We weave our four aims into the daily routine, children take part in growing projects and caring for living things, Makaton is used to develop communication through the children’s play, independence is encouraged through play, daily routines, self-care and eating.

To strengthen our relationship with parents, you are always welcome, when festivals and celebrations are taking place. Parents often come in to teach the children about special events, show their pets from home or event teach us about their profession. 

Our daily routine:
7.30am nursery opens – Breakfast is served until 9.00am.
9.00am – Group times with guided learning take place.
10.00am – Access to outdoor space and rolling snack.
11.30am – Group times for older children start or babies have lunch.
11.45am – Yoga 
12.00pm – Lunch time for older children. 
Children that need to sleep are helped to sleep (some babies will have their own routine which we will follow). Free play.
1.00pm – Toddlers and preschool group time for guided learning.
1.20pm – 3.30pm – Activities for learning / free play / outdoor play.
2.30pm – Rolling snack for all children. 
3.30pm – Group time.
4.00pm – Home time / tea and free play.
7.00pm – All children have left. End of the day.

Our Ofsted GOOD and Ofsted registered nurseries provide a safe, nurturing environment for your little ones to develop, explore and learn!

RightStart Daycare Wanstead

Nearest Tube: Snaresbrook Station is an 11 minute walk, Wanstead Station and Redbridge Station  is a 4 minute drive away.
Nearest Buses: w12, 366, 66
Parking: There is free parking available at this location.
Collection & Drop off at Local Primary Schools: Nightingale, Oakdale, Snaresbrook, Churchfields, and more!

Staff regularly observe children and identify their developmental stage. This helps them to plan activities that support children to achieve their next steps in learning. Staff are flexible and skillfully adapt activities for children.

Our Rooms

Mini Explorers

Baby Wanstead

Our baby rooms can accommodate babies up to 24 months. At this age our babies are exploring through their senses, making sense of the world through experimenting with different textures and sounds

Our staff implement the routines that you have established at home. This provides familiarity and supports children to settle in with ease.

We encourage and use baby signing to help babies express their needs before they have learnt to communicate through speech. All activities are planned to support their growth and development into healthy and happy toddlers.



Toddlers love to explore, because of this we design an environment where the children can access the materials independently, opportunities to explore messy and  creative materials which are available daily.

Role play and small world resources are offered to help children become familiar with the world around them, we offer physical play in the nursery as well as in the outdoor learning environment to help the children learn coordination and balance, become physically active and understand how to manipulate their body in diverse ways.

We encourage Yoga and dance as well as climbing, bikes, scooters, and obstacle courses. group times for toddlers offer a time to develop communication, listening and attention skills and team work.



Your child’s independence and self-help is growing! We support your child to develop a stronger sense of their own identity and place in the world. 

We help in building their attention span and verbal skills as they are now able to experience different adventures.

Opportunities to develop listening and attention skills, working with others and getting ready for the routines they will experience when they start school.

Literacy and numeracy are promoted through play based learning, following you child’s interests.

COME AND SEE THE NURSERY!  Located in Wanstead

Situated close to Wanstead South Woodford and Snaresbrook station and centrally located just off the A12. Great locations locally and for commuting parents.

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